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Our goal is to help others feel healthy and happy. Too many people feel sick and tired of being sick and tired: always feeling run-down but never getting the help they need. We want to help.

Our practice is focused on promoting health and wellness through supporting the body with natural means. Within our small business, we work with clients to help teach healthy lifestyles and to support health through diet and supplements. As we are a part of the Medicine Store Pharmacy, we are especially concerned with the safety of our supplements and how they may interact with prescription medications. Our brand focuses on natural means to promote wellness safely and effectively.

We work with customers both in store and through remote. Our nutritionist is available for in-person and phone consultations, and we ship supplements anywhere within the United States.

Meet Our Staff!

Martin Donovan BS, R.Ph., DCN, Dip. Herb.
Owner, Pharmacist, Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist
Martin has been the owner and pharmacist of Medicine Store since 1982. He became a clinical nutritionist and opened the Wellness Corner in 2001. Marty became interested in natural medicine when he realized how much modern medicine is based in just treating symptoms rather than treating the root cause. He focuses on supporting the body's natural strength and healing process through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Andrea Fifield
Pharmacy Technician
Andrea has been with the Medicine Store and Natural Wellness Corner family for over 20 years. She's the life and soul behind the pharmacy and Wellness Corner. She works tirelessly to help our customers with both their prescription and natural supplement needs. She's well known and loved by all our customers and helps every new customer feel at home.

Mark Pesci R.Ph.

Mark has worked as a part time pharmacist for the Medicine Store for over nine years and has been a pharmacist for over forty years. He's been a wonderful addition, and we're very lucky to have him.

Colleen Donovan
Pharmacy Technician
Colleen has worked at the Medicine Store for over 11 years. Currently, she is pursuing a dual degree
in Dietetics and Psychology at the University of New Hampshire. When she's not in school or the Wellness Corner, she works part time in a behavioral neuroscience laboratory investigating the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. After graduation, she plans on pursuing her PhD in psychology with a focus on nutrition and mental health.  

Kimberly Donovan
Pharmacy Technician, Thermography Technician

Kimberly is Martin's wife and has worked on and off in the Pharmacy since 1982. She became certified as a thermography technician in 2011 and has been a key part of our Thermography Center for the past 8 years.
What To Expect
Who We AreMartin S. Donovan, BS, R.Ph., DCN Marty has been the owner and pharmacist at The Medicine Store in Concord, NH for 22 years. Graduating with a B.S. in Pharmacy from Northeastern University with high honors in 1977, he has practiced in community pharmacy for over 25 years. About 8 years ago, he became concerned about the increasing number of people who were using natural medicine products, such as herbs, in combination with their prescription drugs, without professional guidance. He
About Our Supplements

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