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Core Values:
We strive to provide natural and safe care for everyone. As a small business, your individual needs matter to us. Health solutions are not "one size fits all". We will work with you individually to discover what concerns you have and what you need. 

Coming in to visit: 
We have a new, expanded location! Be sure to enjoy our new product lines and our relaxing sitting area with a Himalayan salt wall. 
Each of our products are set up by categories. You are more than welcome to browse, and our attentive staff will ask you if there's anything specific you are looking for. 
If you have specific questions and concerns, you can approach the counter and ask to speak to our nutritionist, Marty. As both a pharmacist and nutritionist, he will listen to your concerns and be able to give safe health and lifestyle recommendations. As all of our products are third party tested for purity, potency, and freshness, you can be sure that any recommendations he may give will be natural, safe, and effective. You may also be sure that he will take your current prescriptions or treatments into consideration and put your safety and health first. 

Working with You on In-Depth Health Concerns:
Sometimes, your concerns deserve longer consideration and a more in-depth meeting. None of these concerns should be considered "too small": you may be feeling tired all the time, you might have digestive trouble, you might have chronic headaches or trouble sleeping. You may also have chronic diseases: diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, and thyroid disease to name a few. Our goal is to help you feel healthy again, and it may take some time working together. We offer health consultations where you fill out an in-dept questionaire and schedule a private meeting with our nutritionist. During that consultation, your current lifestyle, treatments, prescriptions, and health history will be gone over and you will be given a personalized health plan. Your concerns and questions are of the top priority during the meeting. We will follow up in a few weeks to assess progress and address any further concerns. 

What Recommendations We May Give:
Our recommendations will be specifically tailored to your individual needs based on all of the information you give us. It may be a supplement or vitamin to allow your body the nutrients it needs to heal, it may be a diet change, it may be a general lifestyle change, and in some instances we may refer out to a practitioner such as a naturopathic doctor or chiropractor. Our goal is to give you the care that you need.  

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